The Second Generation: Michelle Zaharek

The Bible Institute was always there for me as an option, but being as rebellious as I was, there was no way I ever wanted to end up going. Lucky for me, I decided to do Summer Training Corps on the Island, and during my junior summer, my life completely changed. I rededicated my life to Christ, and during that time, I realized how much God wanted me to go to the Bible Institute. My life needed a major change, so I knew that was where I was meant to go.

I knew I was in for an adventure. God taught me that there are real people in this world who won’t treat you like trash — people who will show you love. I’ve been given such a support group that half the time I’m not sure how to respond to it.

My parents didn’t really influence my decision to come, but they did open the window of opportunity. I’ve always been somewhat of a hopeless romantic, and the fact that my mom met my dad here was the little push I needed to remain patient for a love that could actually last.

  • The Zahareks have been involved with Word of Life for three generations. Ruth’s dad would fly Jack Wyrtzen to rallies
  • Ruth (mom) and Michelle (daughter) both roomed in South America dorm
  • All three Zaharek girls were involved on the Island, and all three were part of the Collegians, though Ruth’s Collegians went on tour.
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