The Second Generation: Kimberly Easton

It was not until I took my daughter to the Bible Institute in Florida this fall that I realized Word of Life’s impact on my entire life.

Like my daughter, I was active in Teens Involved. My desire was only to sing, but God had a much different plan for my life. I really wanted to win the national competition for singing, but I ended up winning in Bible storytelling. It was then that God tapped me to be a storyteller, and I have been telling stories ever since.

I went to the Bible Institute in New York then transferred to Liberty University, where I studied telecommunications and journalism. I have since worked as a news reporter and anchor in Lynchburg, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. 

While attending Liberty University, I met Andre, my future husband and Lake’s father. I remember how excited he was to meet someone who attended the Bible Institute and how he had heard we knew everything there was to know about the Bible. Word of Life has such an impressive reputation.

I fondly remember our dating days and how Andre would call me “Lake,” referring to me being from the Bible Institute in Schroon Lake. Andre would call me “Lake” so much that people would compliment me and say my name was unique. I would respond, “Kimberly is a common name.” They would say, “No — I mean ‘Lake.’ Isn’t that your name?”

After Andre and I got married and found out we were having a girl, we named her “Lake.”

Now, I must admit it did not take long for Andre to realize I did not know everything there was to know about the Bible. What ended up impacting me the most were the life skills I acquired while attending Word of Life.

The discipline of reading my Bible and praying every day, scheduling my day and ministering to others were skills that helped propel me to success in life.

Unfortunately, my marriage dissolved, but God’s presence remains in all of our lives. My journey with Christ has come with unexpected challenges, but I have always been assured of one thing: Christ is my all in all.

Now, to see God send my daughter Lake to Word of Life is amazing. God really does design our paths. I am so excited to see the plans He has in store for her and others who have the privilege, as I did, to attend the Bible Institute.

FUN FACT: Both mom and daughter were in Collegians and ensembles and sang as soloists. “It is almost like a repeat ... a twin 30 years later,” Kimberly says.

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