What has Jeju meant to you?

This is what members of the first class at the Jeju campus had to say about the Bible Institute's inaugural year in South Korea in 2011.

Jonah Keita Hoshino
Kashiwazaki, Japan
“It has been a new experience. I came here to see how to start a new mission or a new school and not just to study. It is hard to explain, but I am learning so much just from life here.  It is like a new start.”

Graeme Buchanan
Sherbrooke, Quebec
“It has definitely been a turning point in my life.  God has used this time to really help me apply what I already knew. I’ve been encouraged a lot by students, teachers, and Quiet Time. It has produced changes that will last for a lifetime.”

Gene Cho Yong-Jin
Seoul, South Korea
“It has changed my future. Before, when I thought about my future, it was all about becoming a success. But through the missions trip to Thailand, the missions conference and the Bible classes, I have gotten many ideas about how I can change my future family environment and my friendships.”

Alyson Donley
Pottersville, New York
“I could have gone to the Bible Institute across the street, but I wanted a challenge and something new. I’ve definitely found that here! It has also really made me appreciate my family.”

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