Jeju: A satellite campus

What makes the first-year Bible Institute program different in Korea — and the same?

One of Word of Life’s strongest qualities is that it reaches across cultures and nationalities to connect people to Christ and His message of life and change.

Jeju, the first Asian Bible Institute, is no different. It has a lot in common with the Bible Institutes and discipleship training centers around the world that tackle cultural differences while teaching God’s Word each day.

But even as it gathers students from Korea (14), Japan (5), the United States (11), and Canada (3), Jeju’s approach is to be a satellite school of its North American counterparts in New York, Florida, and Ontario. With similar ministry, teaching, and discipleship structures, the Jeju campus takes students through the same first-year program as the other Bible Institutes. Many of the same professors teach in Korea, and students graduate with the same academic coursework and ministry opportunities as they would if they went to a North American campus.

The advantage of offering the same base in Asia, of course, is that these students are that much closer to ministry in Korea, Japan, China, and other Asian countries, both during and after their Bible Institute years.
All five Japanese students are looking into full-time Christian service — most of them in their home country, where many Christian leaders and pastors are from the older generation. North American students are seeing firsthand what missions in Asia looks like.

Most Jeju students come from the discipleship training centers, and Bible Institute enrollment will likely grow as more of these centers are established across Asia.

The Jeju Bible Institute is continuing to recruit new class members, both for next year and future terms. If you know someone who may be interested in having a Bible Institute experience in Korea, check out wolbiasia.com, which has frequently asked questions, updates about the ministry, and links to the admissions process, which is mostly the same as applying to a North American Bible Institute.

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