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We at the Victory Journal have been making an effort over the last year and a half to provide alumni with a new and improved publication. From the magazine's design to the content it offers, the revamped Victory Journal has been making strides toward creating a place where Bible Institute graduates can find resources and stories by alumni and for alumni.

This new effort includes more Bible Institute updates, a focus on providing advice and encouragement, and enhanced features on alumni who are part of interesting developments in both the working world and Christian ministry. We hope you've been following the Victory Journal as it has grown and changed, both in appearance and in what it offers to those who have shared the Bible Institute experience.

Everything the Victory Journal has been doing is part of a greater goal of "waking the giant" that is the Bible Institute alumni base. The journey that alumni begin in their pivotal Bible Institute year or years does not have to stop once the graduates leave campus. Word of Life wants to be part of alumni's lives — whether it be hearing how each person is doing, encouraging or helping individuals in their life pursuits, or in reuniting graduates with the vision and tools of the Word of Life ministry.

As the Victory Journal expands, we hope you'll use it as a place to check in on your fellow alumni and connect with those you haven't heard from in years. We want the publication to be an avenue for starting reunions, looping into exciting developments at the Bible Institute, or just encouraging you in your everyday walk with Jesus Christ. Above all, we pray that the Victory Journal will be a place you can come home — where you remember the time of growth the Bible Institute provided, and where you can tap into the body of Christ in a new way.

While we encourage all alumni to join our mailing list (email alumni@wol.org if you're not getting the Victory Journal), we know many alumni want information online, too. This blog will be the place to come for everything you see in the print version of the Victory Journal, plus some bonuses and extra information on reunions and other areas where you can connect with other alumni. Feel free to comment and offer feedback, and, as always, we welcome suggestions for anything you would like to see in the Victory Journal. Send us questions, article topics, or any suggestions about how we can better serve you.

We are in the beginning stages of making the Victory Journal and its online partners (the alumni Facebook page and group) ready to help alumni in awesome ways. Stay tuned to see what's coming up, and become a part of the Victory Journal and the alumni community today.

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